• Rosalind Park

1 day(s)

Parks to Pottery Path

  • Victorian Goldfields Railway
  • Golden Dragon Museum
  • Central Deborah Gold Mine

3 day(s)

Three Day Family Friendly Holiday

  • Artist Walk
  • Bendigo Art Gallery External
  • Bendigo Pottery
  • Ulumbarra Theatre

2 day(s)

Two Day Arts and Culture Getaway


“There’s an amazing array of performing arts experiences on offer here in Bendigo. Children’s and family theatre, intimate theatre, physical theatre – it’s all happening. Even the talented Flying Fruit Fly Circus and Circus Oz are taking to our stages!” David Lloyd, Manager of Capital Venues & Events.

With over 107,000 people coming through the doors for over 380 performances in 2017, Bendigo is continuing to shine when it comes to performing arts.

  • Discover our Cultural Attractions

The Bendigo region is on both Dja Dja Wurrung and Taungurung Country, whose ancestors and their descendants are the traditional owners. The city acknowledges their living culture and their unique role in the life of this region.

  • Victoria Hill Mining Reserve

During its 97 years of operation, the Victoria Hill mine yielded about $8bn worth of gold in today’s values and was the deepest mine in the world at 4,613 feet. The mine appeared on Australia’s first pound note printed in 1913.

View 150 year old Coath Cottage nearby which was almost destroyed in the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires and has since undergone restoration. Climb the poppet head tower for magnificent views of Bendigo and wander through the reserve where you’ll find several historical and natural landmarks as well as old mining relics from the golden days.

  • Rosalind Park Poppet Head

The lookout, situated at the top of Camp Hill, was originally a poppet head from the Garden Gully United mine (one of Bendigo's richest mines) and was installed in its current location in 1931. During goldrush times, prior to the poppet head's installation, a flag was flown at the top of Camp Hill to signal that the mail had arrived in town. At this time Camp Hill was completely denuded of trees and the flag could effectively be seen from across the town.

Our trams have been entwined with the Bendigo’s identity since 1890 and are a must for all itineraries.

  • Discover Bendigo’s Heritage

From 1851 a swarm of nationalities arrived on the Bendigo diggings, to take part in Australia’s largest ever gold rush. Within 20 years this cultural melting pot had turned a tent city into a grand gold town to rival any other, where a quest for grandeur gave architects free rein to flaunt their skill. The buildings impressed the masses, as they still do today. Discover Bendigo’s most loved and admired heritage buildings via self-guided walks or on a memorable tour behind the facades.

  • Bendigo's Mining History

Bendigo is proudly built upon on a gold rush legacy stretching back to the 1850s. Mrs Kennedy and Mrs Farrell, the wives of two workers from the Mt Alexander North pastoral property would change the course of history in 1851, discovering alluvial gold nuggets in Bendigo Creek while hand washing clothes. Discover that history in Bendigo’s authentic attractions, such as the fascinating Central Deborah Gold Mine, once a working mine, now welcomes visitors daily.

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