Where to Find Bendigo's Best Street Art

Bendigo has long been a haven for creative types. And if its beautiful scenery and historic buildings aren’t already enough to capture your attention, a bunch of amazing artists and made it more colourful adding their own creative touches all over the city.

Get your camera ready for some of Bendigo’s ultimate selfie hot spots and immerse yourself. Find local, national and international works in renowned galleries and on our streets. And to think we’ve only touched the surface…

Chancery Lane - A tiny hidden laneway full of colour and life.

Chancery Lane

With an endless supply of cool, Chancery Lane is one of the city’s most photographed pockets. Flourishing with ever-changing wall art from paste ups to a green wall of succulents, it’s every Instagrammer’s playground

Bath Lane precinct - an enclave of historic foundations and creative spaces.

Bendigo Bath Lane

It weaves together Bendigo’s history with its modern-day pulse. On each end of Bath Lane stands strong and bold the sculptures of a film reel and farmer ready for market representing the sites ‘once home’ to the Lyric Theatre and thriving pig market. Today, venture down Bath Lane’s offshoots to find contemporary local youth street art in Pennyweight Walk and Laity Lane, a modern

Hargreaves Mall & Town Hall - Bendigo has taken the classic city mall and made it modern.

Bendigo Town Hall

These two spaces will have you looking at your feet as pavement and chalk art makes its home here. Check out the ‘koi fish’ swimming in front of the historic Town Hall and colourful three dimensional chalk art in Hargreaves Mall.

View Street arts precinct - Home to creative spaces, movers and shakers.

Bendigo Art Gallery Street Art

In the heart of View Street stands the internationally recognised Bendigo Art Gallery, epitomising its reputation as the arts precinct. Find contemporary art pieces housed at La Trobe Art Institute and Dudley House, plus gorgeous sculptures and colourful artworks throughout the precinct.

Where to find them?