Looking to escape the concrete jungle and reconnect with nature? Are you missing wide horizons and night skies that blaze with stars? Did you know Heathcote, just half an hour from Bendigo, is one of the state’s top spots for star gazing?

Go where the Astronomical Society of Victoria goes to view the night sky. The group has a ‘dark sky site’ at Heathcote, and while its exact location is closely kept, the views are just as stunning from any vantage point around town.

Bendigo may only be an hour and a half from big city lights, but it’s far enough away to enjoy breathtaking views of the stars. If you’re looking for things to do in winter, don’t huddle indoors after dark, for this is the best season to stargaze. The sun sets early, the air is often clear and crisp and the stars above are simply sublime.

Other great spots around Bendigo to drive and park at night include Lake Eppalock, Crusoe Reservoir and One Tree Hill. You don’t have to journey far from the suburbs to lose the light pollution and enjoy one of Mother Nature’s greatest spectacles.

Once you’ve seen the real deal, extend your knowledge of the stars at Bendigo’s Discovery Science and Technology Centre’s planetarium. Kick back in a bean bag and be taken on a virtual tour of the worlds above. The show changes regularly and is a hit with all ages and stages of stargazers.