• Rosalind Park Poppet Head

The lookout, situated at the top of Camp Hill, was originally a poppet head from the Garden Gully United mine (one of Bendigo's richest mines) and was installed in its current location in 1931. During goldrush times, prior to the poppet head's installation, a flag was flown at the top of Camp Hill to signal that the mail had arrived in town. At this time Camp Hill was completely denuded of trees and the flag could effectively be seen from across the town.

At the foot of the poppet head lookout is the Bendigo Heritage Mosaic which was completed in 1987 and designed by mosiac artist Maery Gabriel. The installation work was completed by local volunteers. The mosiac depicts various aspects of the towns history and is designed to be viewed while looking down from the lookout.

Opening Hours: 7 days a week, 7.45am until Sunset.

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