• Rosalind Park - Accessibility Details

Accessible Toilets within Rosalind Park are located in Park Rd opposite the Conservatory Gardens and behind the Post Office Gallery off Sidney Myer Place.

The Conservatory Garden is known for its bulbs, most notably the tulips that bloom in September each year. The garden is flat and can be traversed via a fine hard packed gravel path to the conservatory building or across the lawns which have a hard underlying surface. The conservatory building has wide accessible paths through it and large double door entry.

Across the Bendigo Creek, the Rosalind Park gardens are flat and traversed by a series of wide asphalt paths. The fernery to the north of the park has gravel paths with an accessible route. Some of the paths are not step free. Parts of the fernery can be muddy and wet.

The paths to the Poppet Head from the garden are very steep. To visit the Poppet Head it is best to park behind the Bendigo Art Gallery of Goal Road.

Where to find them?