Rosalind Park Piazza Mural

Bendigo is renowned for creating special activation spaces to coincide with our Australian Exclusive Exhibitions that the Bendigo Art Gallery proudly host. With the next Australian Exclusive exhibition, Mary Quant: Fashion Revolutionary to launch in March 2021, the concept of a Mural representing Mary Quant in the Rosalind Park Piazza was born. 

After discussions with a local street art group, Nacho Station, they had perfect artist in mind to deliver this project, artist Bjarni Wark (aka Happy Decay). Happy Decay had been involved in other large street art activations, and his work was perfect to represent Quant: Bold and Bright!  

A brief was set to creating a circular mural using bright colours associated with the '60s at the piazza in Rosalind Park. The painting of the mural took place over 4 days, is roughly 200m2 in size and fills the whole area of the Piazza. 

If you inspect the Mural closer, you will see bright red lips that represent Mary Quant's lipstick range. There is also a yellow flower with an eye inside which represents the famous image of model Twiggy who wore Quants make up with a flower drawn around her eye with Quants eyeshadow. 

The mural has also become a placemaking as the design is so bright and playful that people are naturally interacting with it within the space.


Lyttleton Terrace/Williamson Street Mural 

The second funky Mural has been created by lead artist is Toli Wanefalea and Reece Hendy from Nacho Station. 

The design directly references Quant with her name and portrait included. The artists decided to utilise the colours from the Piazza Mural with a limited approach, only using 3 colours to create an eye catching design. 

The artwork is an interpretation of the theme by artist Toli who used his signature wavy style to fill the irregular shaped space. 

The bright vibrant colours fill the space that grabs your attention and draws you to think of Mary Quant as you walk through the area. 

mary quant