• Educational Excursions

If you’re looking for a new destination for your annual school camp, Bendigo offers an untapped array of educational experiences only two hours from Melbourne.

Besides being the site of one of the world’s biggest gold rushes (with over 700,000kg of gold found between 1850 and 1900), it is also home to Australia's oldest operating heritage tramways, the oldest operating pottery in the country and the world’s longest Chinese dragon.

The gold rush wealth has created a city with glorious architecture, magnificent streetscapes and a smorgasbord of educational opportunities that cover arts, culture,  science and nature.

A school excursion in Bendigo will enhance your student’s learning through authentic experiences and tailored itineraries to suite your specific needs.

Make your trip to Bendigo an overnight stay with a range of suitable accommodation options available.

To find out more visit please visit  http://www.bendigoheritage.com.au/plan-your-excursion