• Central Deborah Gold Mine - Accessibility Details

The Central Deborah Gold Mine has a number of accessible experiences.

The mine surface exhibits are accessible via a series of gravel pathways. The paths are a fine gravel that is well compacted. All buildings are ramped and all displays are easy to access. Most of the static displays are pictorial or machinery making them suitable for all cognitive abilities.

At the rear of the site, there is a gold panning area. The panning is done in a raised tank that is suitable for both people standing and those seated in a wheelchair.

An accessible toilet is located near the main building.

The Mine Experience Tour is wheelchair accessible.

The tour is accessed via a large industrial lift and descends to a depth of 65 metres. The tour is 75 minutes in length and there are toilets available for the duration of the tour. The tour tunnel is wide and high. The surface is smooth but the only lighting is via head torch. Parts of the mine are wet and muddy, gloves are advisable.

Where to find them?