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Woof’day!  My name is Humphrey, and I’m a very good looking Labrador! My human, Shane and I picked each other in December 2011 at the RSPCA and we’ve been inseparable ever since.  My human told me I’m named after the fact that I give away a ‘hump for free’!

Bendigo is my favourite place and I would love to share with you some of my favourite spots. 

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Lake Weeroona

It took a while for me to train my human on how to walk me. We had lots of practice at Lake Weeroona. I love going for a walk there because it’s one of my human’s favourite things to do and I enjoy every minute I get to spend with him. We meet lots of people and dogs, and we do lots of people watching. Best of all, I get to have a puppicino at The Boardwalk Café.

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Chancery Lane

Because I’m very hip and lovable, I spend lots of time down at Chancery Lane where I get lots of pats (I mean, who can resist my handsome face!). I always spend time licking Fi at Robe and the human at The Dispensary

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Lake Eppalock

I love swimming and Lake Eppalock is my favourite spot! The first time I went there for a swim I didn’t stop. I saw the panic on my human’s face, so I went back for a cuddle. He ended up getting a 20 metre water skiing rope so he would never lose me again.

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Rosalind Park

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year to visit the park, especially when the Farmers Market is on. I share my beef pie with my human and tip toe around the tulips when we’re done.  

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Edwards Providore

My human enjoys a good brunch, so I’ve learnt to enjoy it too (secretly hoping he drops something off his fork). One of our favourite places to visit is Edward Providore, where the burger is huge and delicious, and it’s near Kennington Reservoir where I can chase ducks. 

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Want to see more?

I don’t want to be a Kardashians, but my human and I do enjoy sharing our adventures. Once I met this lovely old lady in the street and she gave me the biggest hug. She told us she had recently lost her dog, with tears in her eyes she thanked us, smiled and went on her way. If you want to see more, follow us @ShaneandHumphrey and hopefully we can bring a smile to your face. 

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