posted on 23 Jul 20 | by Explore Bendigo

It’s Happy Hour In Bendigo!  

Yes, we’re talking drinks – the adult kind.  The ones you can’t wait to have at the end of a long day, to celebrate with friends or share with loved ones.

We love a beautifully crafted drink here in Bendigo.  And with so many passionate movers and shakers behind the scenes you are guaranteed to find not just one, but countless signature drinks to tickle your fancy.   The best part, each drink is carefully thought out by passionate and creative locals.  They are our makers, bartenders, brewers and winemakers.  And if you’re lucky enough you’ll even be greeted by them!

Here’s our list of signature drinks sure to keep a lasting memory on you and make it on your list of favourite drinks of all time… 

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Chai White Russian @ Masons of Bendigo

This signature drink is inspired by local legends showcasing Sharlee’s Dja Wonmuruk chai tea to create this delicious cocktail.  At Masons of Bendigo they take great pride in working with local produce and their signature drink is no exception.  Their Chai White Russian includes Dja Wonmuruk chai tea, Loch Brewery Australian Vodka, Kahula, cream and vanilla…mmm yum!

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Classic Negroni @ The Dispensary Bar & Diner

The greatest cocktail ever made? Well it’s up there according to the team at The Dispensary, and it’s certainly their signature cocktail and a must if you’re visiting this uber cool laneway bar.  Made with a gentle squeeze of fresh orange, Dry London gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, it’s bartender Sam’s top pick!

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The Winifred @ Ms Batterhams

It’s the new girl with a past, it’s The Winifred!  This signature cocktail is named so as a salute to Ms Winifred (Winnie) Batterham, former school teacher at Mackenzie Quarters and only fitting of this new cocktail lounge, Ms Batterhams.   She entails a kick of Poor Toms Fool Strength Gin, cinnamon syrup, lime juice and a garnish of mint. And she’s oh so pretty…

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Espresso Martini @ The Woodhouse

Now who doesn’t love an Espresso Martini?  You can either kickstart your night with one or pair it effortlessly with your dessert.  Either way, the team at The Woodhouse do it perfectly. Our top pick is their mouth-watering Textures of Chocolate dessert with their signature Espresso Martini – that’s Ketel One Vodka, Mr Black liqueur, Frangelico, vanilla and espresso.  Yes please!

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Elder Fashion @ Alium Dining

Alium Dining offer a beautiful selection of cocktails on offer, but the Elder Fashion is a stand out! Utilising Animus Arboretum Gin, a regional herbaceous gin, paired with elderflower liqueur and orange bitters it creates a complex and lasting drink that pairs perfectly with many of their dishes or simply as a fantastic way to begin your evening as an aperitif. Yes, please!

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Sangria @ Sangria Spanish Tapas Bar

As per its namesake, Sangria is their thing, whether it’s by the glass or a pitcher. Yum!  The team at Sangria Spanish Tapas Bar will tell you their Classic Sangria complete with red wine, Cointreau, apple and citrus is their signature drink, but they also offer a ginger, white, pineapple, pink or mock version.  You can’t go wrong as there if something to suit everyone!

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Elderflower Jungle Juice @ GPO

This one is sure to impress and is a favourite not only amongst the GPO team, but locals alike. Enjoying the refreshing flavours of elderflower liqueur, Bombay gin, apple juice, fresh lime, cucumber, mint and sour mix – yum!

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Craft Beer @ Handle Bar

We love a quirky space in Bendigo that has been repurposed and Handle Bar is just that.  This outdoor hidden garden bar is accessible via Get Naked Espresso Bar and offers something unique to Bendigo.  And we’ll be honest, there’s no one signature drink here but the array of craft beer itself.  So if you’re a lover of all things craft beer and a wicked outdoor meeting space, grab your mates and enjoy a crafty pint here.

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Local Wine @ Wine Bank on View

The ultimate wine bar and merchant, Wine Bank offers the regions largest selection of local wines under one roof in Bendigo.  That alone makes local wine a signature drink.  Not only can you browse this massive selection, they offer food and an open fireplace to compliment your wine tasting, day or night!

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Bottle Shop @ The Hop Supply Co.

The Hop Supply Co. is a bottle shop dedicated to craft beer and cider, craft spirits and quality local wines.  So if you’re looking for some crafty drinks to take away and enjoy at a later date, this is the place to visit.  The team stock an amazing range of drinks from all over Australia, quality advice and often hold tastings onsite. It’s a must visit!