• Bendigo Creek Trail

Perfect for the family, there is now a new way to experience Bendigo's unique heritage, history and attractions; by taking a ride along the Bendigo Creek trail. Opened in 1993, the Bendigo Creek Trail takes you past some of Bendigo’s most historic icons and attractions of a golden era.

Following the Bendigo Creek, Bendigo Creek trail traces its course north-east from Crusoe Reservoir, and provides you the opportunity to visit and experience significant visitor icons all the way to Bendigo Pottery in Epsom.

Along the way it reveals all the different textures of Bendigo’s grand buildings and civic spaces, the vernacular charm of nineteenth century miners’ cottages and domestic streetscapes in the suburbs, the richness and repose of the bush beyond. 

Download more information and the map here or contact the Bendigo Visitor Centre on 1800 813 153 to request a copy. 

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