• Art Galleries of the Bendigo Region

Art Galleries of the Bendigo Region

The Bendigo region continues to build upon its brand and reputation as as a thriving region for creativity, passion and artistic expression. This is evident throughout the villages, townships, hamlets and precincts throughout the Bendigo region.

From major galleries, to boutique studios, find below more information to assist you plan your creative adventure throughout the Bendigo Region.


Bendigo Art Gallery

Bendigo has long been a haven for creative types. There are dozens of studios and galleries across the Bendigo region showcasing artists who work in mediums including glass, paint, metal, printmaking and pottery.

From the renowned Bendigo Art Gallery, to the creative exhibitions within the Living Art Space, to the colour of the public art in Chancery Lane and of course the many galleries across Bendigo, Bendigo is a must visit for all creatives at heart.

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Castlemaine, Maldon and Surrounds

Castlemaine Art Museum

The Castlemaine region has forged a strong reputation in the arts. There’s not only one of Victoria's most prestigious regional galleries, Castlemaine Art Museum, but also many artists’ studios in across the region. Cascade Gallery in Maldon and Falkner Gallery in Castlemaine are some of the highlights!

Stroll through the monthly Artists Market or wander the stunning galleries dotted across our towns - you might very well discover an up and coming artist to add to your collection. If you would like to view more galleries across Castlemaine, Maldon and Surrounds, please click here.

Maryborough and Surrounds

Central Goldfields Art Gallery


Begin your creative journey in Maryborough, at the historic Central Goldfields Art GalleryMuseum of Australian History and Art Gallery is a unique cultural experience with both modern pieces and artistic historical finds. Head out of town to the picturesque bushland surrounding Maryborough and enjoy Possum Gully Fine Arts

Down the road in Dunolly, local artist, John Moir, shares his Alvah Art Gallery with the public. Dunolly is also home of the Ministry of Fun - get involved with creative workshops facilitated by the fantastic Anna Ashton!

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Loddon Valley

Sculpture Gallery

One of the true treasures of the Loddon Valley is Piccoli’s Spanner Sculptures; a two-acre open-air gallery sent within an oasis of ornamental trees and exotic birds. The Coach House Gallery in Wedderburn is a thriving arts hub featuring a rich program of local artists’ work. Discover the creative talents of the region in this gallery beside the town’s General Store Museum, and shop for art and craft.

The region proudly fosters a collection of public works to celebrate history and culture. Look out for sculptures and mosaics as you tour the Loddon Valley towns. To discover for more galleries across the Loddon Valley, please click here.