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What I did last week: Online Exhibition

For information and instructions on how to contribute, go to What I did last week: Online Exhibition which will also provide links to other weeks' galleries.

Week 9: 25 May 2020


Angela Morrissey, Expressionist Daffodils I

Angela Morrissey, Expressionist Daffodils I, 17 May 2020
My artwork is of daffodils painted in the Expressionist style of art. Expressionism is an artistic and literary movement originating in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century, which sought to express emotions rather than to represent external reality, characterised by the use of symbolism and of exaggeration and distortion.


Maree Tonkin, Untitled

Maree Tonkin, Untitled, 16 May 2020
The lockdown restrictions are starting to ease a little and I ventured out to take some pictures. The light was particularly beautiful today.


Sharon Moloney, Blackwork

Sharon Moloney, Blackwork, 14 May 2020
Experimenting with a stitch I have never done, I made a gift for my friend who has a schnauzer (when I saw the pattern I knew it was a challenge and a gift in one).


Zac McCarty, Light Painting

Zac McCarty, Light Painting, 14 May 2020

Pamela Harvey, A Mulbury Mystery

Pamela Harvey, ‘A Mulbury Mystery', 19 May 2020
Fitting in around working full time from home, I’ve nearly written a whole novel coronavirus novel. While I write regularly anyway, not commuting has given me an extra 30 minutes a day to write.


Meg Doller, Blind contour self-portrait - Cubist inspired

Meg Doller, Blind contour self-portrait - Cubist inspired, 20 May 2020
I'm an art teacher at Rochester Secondary College. This was a remote learning drawing exercise that turned into an artwork that became a task for year 8s.


Olivia Ciancio, Auggie

Olivia Ciancio, Auggie, 15 May 2020

Spencer Blum, Scream Inspired Self-Portrait

Spencer Blum, Scream Inspired Self-Portrait (acrylic paint and coloured pencils on pizza box lid), 18 May 2020
This is a self-portrait appropriating Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' as an inspiration piece for my VCE Unit 3/4 Studio Arts folio.


Claire Clarke, Lady with violin

Claire Clarke, Lady with violin, 22 May 2020

Meg Holmes, untitled

Meg Holmes, untitled (oil painting), 22 May 2020
The frosts have arrived so I picked the last of the Zinnias from my garden and threw them into a fowlers jar.  These bright smiley flowers make me happy as I paint them with thick textured paint.  At a time when many are struggling and stressed I feel  blessed in so many ways.


Cec_Loves_to_Read, Isolation Bookshelf - volume 1

Cec_Loves_to_Read, Isolation Bookshelf - volume 1, 22 May 2020
I really admire Jane Mount’s work and this drawing is my first attempt at trying one of her ideal bookshelf pictures. This is my isolation bookshelf - volume 1.


Duffy - Ha Ho Art, Rise as one!

Duffy - Ha Ho Art, Rise as one! (acrylic on raw canvas), 22 May 2020
This is an image that I had planned as a fairly large mural in Hargraeves St prior to the coronavirus lock-down. So I decided to paint a large canvas version of it instead! The canvas size is 2.1 metres high by 2.3 metres wide & it is painted on the raw side of a primed canvas or 'Wrong Side' as they say. I started the painting 3 weeks ago but decided today (Friday) that I need to finish it so I can move on & start another canvas version of a mural project that I have in all probability, lost due to the Covid 19 pandemic.


Paul Harrington, Mme Cross and the Dress

Paul Harrington, Mme Cross and the Dress, 22 May 2020

Kathryn Harrison, Self portrait-addiction

Kathryn Harrison, Self portrait-addiction (iPad/Procreat), 21 May 2020

Dr Michael J Leach, Still life in Autumn

Dr Michael J Leach, Still life in Autumn (haiku), 23 May 2020
Michael is a poet, epidemiologist, and lecturer at Monash University, Bendigo. His poems reside in such journals as Cordite Poetry Review and Plumwood Mountain. This haiku was inspired by an hourglass on the artist’s writing desk.


Diane Cardinal, Horsing Around

Diane Cardinal, Horsing Around (white charcoal on black paper), 15 May 2020

Helen Lunt, Through my window

Helen Lunt, Through my window (photograph), 20 May 2020
One of a flock of rainbow lorikeets feeding in a Banksia marginata.


Julie Kala, Aurora

Julie Kala, Aurora, 21 May 2020
When you are working from home you can knock off at 4.30 and pretty much start a painting when your workstation and hobby area are within one metre of each other!
I wanted to do a quick oil all day so whipped this up on Friday night.


Jin Turpie, Splatoon

Jin Turpie, Splatoon, 21 May 2020
For my little brother.


Bradley Barnes, Kryal Rey Sing Concert

Bradley Barnes, Kryal Rey Sing Concert, 22 May 2020

Akhila fernando, The world today

Akhila fernando, The world today, 24 May 2020
I am Akhila Fernando, a visual artist living in Bendigo.


Paul Casey, Rain, after rain

Paul Casey, Rain, after rain (pen and watercolour), 24 May 2020
Rain appears, at times, in all the arts, of course, in music too.


Jane Ineson, Study for a portrait of David Lloyd

Jane Ineson, Study for a portrait of David Lloyd (iPad drawing), 24 May 2020
For me, familiarising with form can feel like avoidance of the real work. But it is often preparation for relinquishing that control over form, and replacing it with a leap of faith and trust through pencil or brush to free the spirit!


Ed Phillips, T-rex

Ed Phillips, T-rex (pencil and texta), 22 May 2020
I like Jurassic World and so I thought I'd draw this T-rex.


Gail Casey, Native Flowers

Gail Casey, Native Flowers (digital artwork), 24 May 2020
I am continuing to explore different mediums to create pictures. I love the amazing potential of the digital process, the colours, the implied textures, tricks and layering but always miss the tactile experience of a brush dipped in paint.


Sue Jeavons, Stump fungus

Sue Jeavons, Stump fungus, 25 May 2020
This season has had magnificent fungus & I spied this in an old stump in my garden.


Josephine Walsh, My lemons

Josephine Walsh, My lemons, 25 May 2020