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What I did last week: Online Exhibition

For information and instructions on how to contribute, go to What I did last week: Online Exhibition which will also provide links to other weeks' galleries.

Week 7: 11 May 2020

Elly Oper, Tudor dress and head piece

Elly Oper, Tudor dress and head piece, 2 May 2020
The majority of the dress is made up of up cycled and second hand materials. I love historical fashion and enjoy a challenge, the Tudor dress contains boning made from industrial zip-ties and a chemise made entirely from bed sheets! This image of me in local Bendigo bushland was taken by my brother.

Catherine Williams, The Stone Stockhouse

Catherine Williams, The Stone Stockhouse, 22 February 2020
Imagine being locked up in there.

Benjamin Evans, Rising Vengeance

Benjamin Evans, Rising Vengeance, 6 May 2020
Well I have been working on this Poseidon piece for weeks, just completed it. It is done in grade lead and acrylic paint, the point of my piece is to show Poseidon's rising out of the sea being a majestic and vengeful greek God. I am very proud displaying this!

Gus Donnelly, Think Tank

Gus Donnelly, Think Tank, 29 April 2020
This work is a reflection of how I was feeling while making it. In these COVID times all of our brains are running wild while we’re stuck standing still. This was an attempt at releasing that energy.

Myra Casey, Something poetic about light and dark

Myra Casey, Something poetic about light and dark, 7 May 2020
Something poetic about light and dark in the middle of our pandemic

Angela Morrissey, Nilüfer

Angela Morrissey, Nilüfer, 3 May 2020
This is a drawing I did using graphite pencil of my good friend Nilüfer who prior to COVID-19 I used to hang out with going to lunch or having coffee together, going to the movies, attending Blackeyed Susans or Mikelangelo gigs and generally being ladies of leisure!

Lilly Skipper, I do everything unconsciously

Lilly Skipper, I do everything unconsciously, 5 May 2020
This particular work was inspired by artists Ellsworth Kelly and Franz Kline whose abstract and gestural practices challenged ideas surrounding what defines aesthetic, ‘successful’ art. I used mixed mediums of pastel, collage and masking tape on Fabriano paper to create this minimalist, abstract and purposefully imbalanced, instinctively-placed collage of organic, warm tone.

Paul Allen, Pod

Paul Allen, Pod, 7 May 2020
This is the culmination of many ideas and techniques using lead, copper and aluminium, along with lots and lots of nails. Now just waiting for the patina of age to turn the lead white, the copper green and the nails a rusty red.

Claire Clarke, Stoneware Vases and Apples

Claire Clarke, Stoneware Vases and Apples, 8 May 2020
Inspired by Emile Bernard's still life Stoneware Vases and Apples

Paul Harrington, Portrait of Lady

Paul Harrington, Portrait of Lady, 8 May 2020


Dr Michael J Leach, Reflecting

Dr Michael J Leach, Reflecting, 8 May 2020
Michael is a poet, epidemiologist, and lecturer at Monash University, Bendigo. His poems reside in such journals as Cordite Poetry Review and the Medical Journal of Australia. This concrete poem was inspired by viewing the epidemic curve of new COVID-19 cases on the Australian Government Department of Health website.

Josephine and Mummy, Autumn Leaves

Josephine and Mummy, Autumn Leaves, 9 May 2020
Hi,  I'm Josephine, I am almost two years old and I love collecting leaves and I also love painting.  My assistant (mummy) helped me to arrange the leaves and take the photograph.

Sarah Smith, ANZACS

Sarah Smith, ANZACS, 10 May 2020
Drawing inspiration from an old Arnotts biscuit tin, I’ve been thinking about what this Mother’s Day will have felt like for so many, unable to hold their children close. To commemorate the difference simple acts of kindness and love make, a food parcel, a hand written note, an image.

Paul Casey, Social distancing is still required

Paul Casey, Social distancing is still required (Watercolour), 10 May 2020
Anyone and their shadow could turn up at Lonely Barb's Bar now that she had moved on in life.

Brad Barnes, Lilac Star Civillian

Brad Barnes, Lilac Star Civilian, 10 May 2020


Andre Sardone, Scaling Down

Andre Sardone, Scaling Down, 10 May 2020
This week I have been experimenting with making much smaller versions of this current series of Little Folk. These pieces are made with 3mm thick mild steel plate which I cut and shape with angle grinders, and may end up as wearable art pieces.

Jane Ineson, Heidi and Rhonan

Jane Ineson, Heidi and Rhonan (iPad drawing), 10 May 2020
An appropriate activity for Mother’s Day!

Gail Casey, May frescos

Gail Casey, May frescos, 10 May 2020
2 small frescoes painted using traditional materials of pure pigments, fresh lime plaster, calico and terracotta tiles.

Jin Turpie, Loot Llama

Jin Turpie, Loot Llama, 8 May 2020


Helen Lunt, Summer

Helen Lunt, Summer (watercolour), 10 May 2020