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What I did last week: Online Exhibition

For information and instructions on how to contribute, go to What I did last week: Online Exhibition which will also provide links to other weeks' galleries.

Week 4: 20 April, 2020

Jane Ineson Meredith and Pepper

Jane Ineson, Meredith and Pepper, 15 April, 2020
Drawn from life. (A brief encounter at 2 metres!) In this moment Meredith Cahill cradles her six week old daughter, Pepper. First introduction to motherhood can feel isolating, let alone without physical distancing. I congratulate Meredith on how she embraces the new centre in her life, and here, I love her look of surrender to it.


Kathy Holowko, In memory of the magnolia

Kathy Holowko, In memory of the magnolia, 9 April, 2020
This work was made to honour the loss of a very old and much loved magnolia tree that was removed for development. It is based on 1800s wallpapers from Europe with the addition of an Australian Galah. This is the first in a series of three that I intend to complete in isolation.

Milton Long, Pendant

Milton Long, Contemporary Studio Jeweller, Pendant: sterling silver, copper, enamel, hand-made chain., 13 April, 2020

I am a Contemporary Studio Jeweller and am using this time of restriction to experiment with enamels. This pendant (sterling silver, copper, enamel, hand-made chain) uses a black background enamel called Crackle Base - black. When a colour is fired over the top of it, it breaks through in random and often unpredictable ways. When it works it can be quite dramatic.

Angela Morrissey, Steampunk Manga Witch

Angela Morrissey, Steampunk Manga Witch, 16 April, 2020
My drawing is of Selina Monterrey who is a great student of alchemy and the art of healing and is also interested in mechanics. By combining these she created a multifunction — broom it’s non-polluting and helps with the housework as well. An enviable invention! Her broom is carbon neutral!


Josh Brandon, Plate of fruit

Josh Brandon, Plate of fruit, 14 April, 2020
Digital study painted from life using an iPad and tablet pen.


Sue Holland, Memory for isolation

Sue Holland, Memory for isolation, 17 April, 2020
I spent some time creating this for a friend who has had a disastrous trip of a lifetime. She and her husband have spent over 4 weeks in lockdown in various countries. She was sending daily FB posts and photos... She took this photo, which I have painted, and put some of her post around it so that she can remember that there were good times.


Dr Michael J Leach, Approaching the Peak

Dr Michael J Leach, Approaching the Peak, 18 April, 2020
Michael is a poet, epidemiologist, and lecturer at Monash University, Bendigo. His poems reside in such journals as Cordite Poetry Review and the Medical Journal of Australia. This concrete poem was inspired by daily viewings of the ever-changing COVID-19 epidemic curve on the Australian Government Department of Health website


Sharon Greenaway, Wildflowers

Sharon Greenaway, Wildflowers, 18 April, 2020
I have had a busy week photographing wildflowers that are grown here in Bendigo. We are so lucky to have this beauty at this time especially.


Diane Cardinal, Cow

Diane Cardinal, Cow, 15 March, 2020
I tried a new technique of charcoal on canvas. Cows make me smile.  Moo.


Frances Forge, Roaming around the Lake District

Frances Forge, Roaming around the Lake District, 17 April, 2020
Having recently begun learning the art of watercolour painting, I am taking advantage of time in isolation to not only sort through stacks of old travel photos, but also practice painting techniques. This painting is from a photo taken while travelling around the Lake District in the UK.


Claire Clarke, Self Portrait

Claire Clarke, Self Portrait, 19 April, 2020


Brad Barnes, Sunset Shimmer Let it Rain

Brad Barnes, Sunset Shimmer - Let it Rain, 19 April, 2020


Paul Harrington Cow

Paul Harrington, Cow, 19 April, 2020


Lachlan Belfield, Sunset Waterfall

Lachlan Belfield, Sunset Waterfall, 19 April, 2020


Gillian Fallon, Autumn at Lake Weeroona

Gillian Fallon, Autumn at Lake Weeroona, 19 April, 2020
Oil pastel on 150gsm card. A perfect place for a peaceful walk on a beautiful sunny morning.


Helen Beer, Carved Ostrich egg, Alice in Wonderland theme

Helen Beer ( Van De Nadort ), Carved Ostrich egg, Alice in Wonderland theme, 19 April, 2020
I have had the love of egg art since I first discovered Faberge Eggs. From there, with research, I collected the tools required and started carving my own. Eggs used are usually Ostrich, Emu, Chicken, Duck and Goose. It’s a hobby I enjoy but takes a lot of patience.


Jin Turpie, Delirious Barbarian

Jin Turpie, Delirious Barbarian, 17 April, 2020
This barbarian has taken a beating in battle.


Denyse Kathryn Dalton, Marco

Denyse Kathryn Dalton, Marco, 14 April, 2020
Our cats have been enjoying having the family home. I've been enjoying the chance to slow down and observe them resting, trying to capture the moment.