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What I did last week: Online Exhibition

For information and instructions on how to contribute, go to What I did last week: Online Exhibition which will also provide links to other weeks' galleries.


Week 3: 13 April, 2020

Katya Dorer Easter Girl

Katya Dorer, Easter Girl, 9 April 2020 
I made this artwork so I could stick it in the window for Easter. 


Kathryn Harrison Drawing my way out

Kathryn Harrison, Drawing my way out, 7 April 2020 
I am discovering the joys of dry pastel — so vibrant — and lots of finger-painting techniques. I keep looking at Christian Birmingham (Google him) and wish I could get such a sense of light like him. 

Sandy Scheltema Autumn Harvest

Sandy Scheltema, Autumn Harvest, 1 April 2020 
In this time of uncertainty and fear, my garden gives me solace and brings me peace. Here is this week’s harvest gathered from the garden. 

Genevieve Somerville Feeling Fruity

Genevieve Somerville, Feeling fruity, March 2020 


Greg Penno Under the milky way

Greg Penno, Under the Milky Way - Field of Lights, April 2020 
This is an original work acrylic on wooden panel. It’s big; 2.4 mts x 1.2 mts. Finished last week and ready to hang. I consider myself an emerging artist and it’s only the last couple of years that I’ve come out. I am a member of the Bendigo Art Society and I love the colours of the outback. 

Hadia Mastoor Palm Tree in Sunset

Hadia Mastoor, Palm Tree in Sunset, 7 April 2020 
“I did this painting while I was staying at home thinking of the outdoors.” The artist just turned 11 and, absolutely, loves art. She has been doing lots of different artwork recently, given she has plenty of time during this lockdown. This artwork was created on a piece of paper with paint and a grey lead pencil.  

Daniel Eltringham, Time to enjoy the little things

Daniel Eltringham, Time to enjoy the little things, 7 April 2020 
With the world as crazy as it is, at the moment, it is important to stop and enjoy the little things. Woke up to this view out our front window. Took some time to soak it in before the quiet drive to work (as I work for an essential service). 

Ann McAlpin, The literary critic

Ann McAlpin, The literary critic, March 2020 
A fun creation made for enjoyment, thanks for the opportunity to share. 

Angela Morrissey, Female Vampire

Angela Morrissey, Female Vampire, 8 April 2020 
My drawing is of a female vampire, Lorna Callhell. She contracted a disease, which worsened over the years, slowly extinguishing her life… until one day her husband, a great alchemist, developed a cure for it. The result was not as expected, however, and the drug transformed her into a vampire. 

Jane Ineson, Local Bushland

Jane Ineson, Local Bushland, April 2020 
Pencil and ink. Living solo out of town, nature is my companion! 

Zoya Makarova, Sansa

Zoya Makarova, Sansa, 5 April 2020 
I usually paint flora, but recently expanded into painting birds.  This one was painted (with permission) from a beautiful photograph by Sansa's owner.  Sansa is a green cheeked conure and it was a fun challenge to capture all the different colours of her feathers. 

Gail Casey, Fallen fruit

Gail Casey, Fallen fruit, April 2020 
Watercolour. A favourite subject - pomegranates. Found on the ground while walking last week. 
Split and semi-dried they are still beautiful. In the studio on a plate on the bench, carpet receding in the distance. All colour subdued except for the fruit. 

Myra Casey, Precious walks

Myra Casey, Precious walks, 10 April 2020 
I’ve been super-extra-appreciating the space, freshness and ever-changing nature of our once-daily ventures in the outside world. Witnessing nature take back a little power has been one blessing of this time. 

Paul Allen, Pod Study

Paul Allen, Pod Study, 7 April 2020 
This is a study using lead and copper wire. I'm awaiting the galvanic reaction between these two metals to form a final patina. More studies to come. 

Jane Coburn, Candy

Jane Coburn, Candy, 9 April 2020 
Self-isolation is an excuse to be a recluse! The extra time and slowed pace of life are proving very conducive to my creative process. Candy was my "one in a life-time" dog. She was the first dog I owned after leaving home and was my constant companion. We shared a small flat and, when I was studying for nursing exams, she lay on a mat at my feet. Having her put to sleep in 1989, at the age of 13, broke my heart. I hadn't drawn her before, so this portrait was "for me". 

Denyse Kathryn Dalton

Denyse Kathryn Dalton, Clyde, April 2020  
Not that long ago, I was planning a series of paintings around my local district of Elmore. Things change quickly. I'm focused on the details of home now, which includes cats sleeping in odd places. 

Andre Sardone, Little Guys

Andre Sardone, Little Guys, 13 April, 2020
This week I have completed the first series of these works which are carved and shaped out of steel plate. After much consideration I have decided to finish these pieces the same way as Henry Ford did his cars back in the day; available in any colour so long as it is black.


Sharon Greenaway Something beautiful at this time

Sharon Greenaway, Something beautiful at this time, 13 April, 2020
Mini accordion book full of my happy images.  Features local fauna and handmade cover, thread, paper, linen/cotton,glue.


Jin turpie Easte Bunny

Jin Turpie, Easter Bunny, 2020, 11 April, 2020


Barb Fordham, Quokka & Joey

Barb Fordham, Quokka & Joey, 13 April, 2020
This painting was inspired by a visit to Rottnest Island with family and my son’s Canadian partner.
I have an appreciation of all types of visual arts.  In particular I love drawing, pastel & watercolour.