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What I did last week: Online Exhibition

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Week 29: 12 October 2020

Bridget Finch, Wrong Side of the Fence

Bridget Finch, Wrong Side of the Fence, 4 October 2020
I've found myself outside with my camera a lot this spring. This photo was taken shooting into the sun and the vertical wires of the fence were running right in front of this little male superb wren, but I still like the final product.


Lynda Williams, I said I just wanted a trim…

Lynda Williams, I said I just wanted a trim…, 5 October 2020


Angela Morrissey, Emu VII

Angela Morrissey, Emu VII, 4 October 2020
Recently I have been painting native, Australian wildlife. I loved Australian picture storybooks like Possum Magic and Snugglepot and Cuddlepie and would like to create cute illustrations like those although there is nothing cute about this emu. I think it looks a bit evil!


Dr Michael J Leach, Seaside Suburb

Dr Michael J Leach, Seaside Suburb, 5 October 2020
Michael is a poet and epidemiologist at Monash University School of Rural Health, Bendigo. His debut poetry collection is Chronicity (Melbourne Poets Union, 2020). This palindrome poem is about Glenelg—a seaside suburb in Michael’s former city of residence, Adelaide.


Kathryn Harrison, Beautiful Words

Kathryn Harrison, Beautiful Words, 5 October 2020


Julie Kala, Point Lonsdale Lighthouse

Julie Kala, Point Lonsdale Lighthouse, 5 October 2020
I do enjoy a good lighthouse but a bit hard to find in Bendigo!


Ainsley McPherson, Bridled up

Ainsley McPherson, Bridled up, 2 October 2020


Sally Quinn, Sophie

Sally Quinn, Sophie, 6 October 2020
I drew this for a friend who was telling me how much she loved her dog, Sophie.
She gave me a lovely photo to use. I really enjoyed the challenge of converting it into this drawing.


Ian Dodd, Seahorse

Ian Dodd, Seahorse (Limestone), 7 October 2020
It's destined for Lake Macquarie in NSW.


Diane Cardinal, Buddy

Diane Cardinal, Buddy, 10 October 2020


Lichii, Strawberry Lemon

Lichii, Strawberry Lemon, 9 October 2020
Hey! Thanks for taking a look at my art, I drew this art getting originally inspired by a challenge that went around where you would only use one colour for the whole drawing! It was an interesting challenge, and so I decided I might try it out!


Andre Sardone, Clicking machines

Andre Sardone, Clicking machines, 11 October 2020
This week I experimented with these little contraptions, which all produce different sounds when the handle is turned. The clicking action is quite mesmerising and therapeutic.
Working on these gadgets improves my skills and technical abilities, and offers the possibility of incorporating these components into future works.


Kathryn Stretch, Sweet Lorraine

Kathryn Stretch, Sweet Lorraine (Charcoal and acrylic paint on paper), 11 October 2020
Inspired by a photo of my mum taken in 1958.


Milton Long, Sterling silver chain/necklace

Milton Long, Sterling silver chain/necklace (detail), 10 October 2020
I am taking a break from enamelling and going back (for a short time) to just working with the metal. Making chains is repetitive and potentially boring, but it can also have a sort of Zen quality about it - which is not out of place during these restricted times.


Michael Watson, Childhood Nostalgia

Michael Watson, Childhood Nostalgia (oil on linen), 9 October 2020
I wanted to paint a still life which was reminiscent of my childhood, and what better way than to paint a plushie which stands the tests of time.


Kathryn Lehar, X squared

Kathryn Lehar, X squared, 9 October 2020
It is a collage made from natural materials. I utilise bark from the Paper Bark Tree and discarded Willow fencing.


Jane Coburn, Still-life in Orange & Blue

Jane Coburn, Still-life in Orange & Blue, 9 October 2020
Gouache still-life in (mainly) complementary colours of orange & blue.
Painted on Arches 300gsm Hot Press (smooth) watercolour paper.


Jin Turpie, A Ballerina for Auntie Tahsh

Jin Turpie, A Ballerina for Auntie Tahsh, 2 October 2020


David Stephensen, Look. See. Imagine.

David Stephensen, Look. See. Imagine., 11 October 2020


Paul Casey, Still life in studio

Paul Casey, Still life in studio (acrylic on paper), 11 October 2020


Gail Casey, Olive's chair

Gail Casey, Olive's chair, 11 October 2020
Some old world detail and colours feature in this project for my littlest grand daughter. Original colour - glossy lime green.


Jennie Barnes, Jacqui

Jennie Barnes, Jacqui, 6 October 2020
Pyrography is my style of choice. I did this as a surprise for my sister - her beloved Clydesdale Jacqui on Huon Pine.


Jane Ineson, Life Drawing

Jane Ineson, Life Drawing (graphite), 12 October 2020


Frankie O, Warren's new do

Frankie O, Warren's new do, 10 October 2020
This is another of my digital prints I've embellished with collage and gold lead. It's been a fantastic journey evolving my work to the next level, seeing what can be added to enhance its aesthetic.


Florence Hodson, Golden Rainbow

Florence Hodson, Golden Rainbow, 7 October 2020
A watercolour rainbow with left over gold leaf stuck on. I had lots of fun making this with mum in her studio.


Lucy Hodson, Rocket Ship to Mars

Lucy Hodson, Rocket Ship to Mars, 7 October 2020
I'm enjoying experimenting with watercolor with my big sister Florence and Mum. It's exciting to add lots of water!


Myra Casey, Holiday

Myra Casey, Holiday, 12 October 2020


Duffy - Ha Ho Art, Pucker up!

Duffy - Ha Ho Art, Pucker up! (Acrylic on freeform jigsaw cut MDF board), 12 October 2020

Bridie Margaret O'Toole, We all need a little hope

Bridie Margaret O'Toole, We all need a little hope, 12 October 2020