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What I did last week: Online Exhibition

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Week 25: 14 September 2020

Bree Galvin, Spring in Bendigo

Bree Galvin, Spring in Bendigo, 7 September 2020
With lockdown and the inability to roam I have taken inspiration from all the iconic sites we have right here in Bendigo. This is my second piece in my Loving Local series.


Imogen Guidi, Dog

Imogen Guidi, Dog (Coloured pencil and fine liner), 6 September 2020


Lynda Williams, did you say stuffing

Lynda Williams, did you say stuffing??, 7 September 2020
Early days working with pastels. Learnt my art at a class at Arts of Olde in Bridgewater.


Dr Michael J Leach, Keeping the Distance

Dr Michael J Leach, Keeping the Distance, 6 September 2020
Michael is a poet and epidemiologist at Monash University School of Rural Health, Bendigo. His poems reside in Cordite Poetry Review, the Medical Journal of Australia, and elsewhere. This poem was written while reflecting on pre-lockdown meetings with people.


Ellen Lee Osterfield, Happy Days

Ellen Lee Osterfield, Happy Days (Pen and Ink and Watercolour), 30 August 2020
A combination of my favourite subjects; chickens, Wisteria and blossom trees! Heralding in Springtime!


Kathryn Harrison, Spring Fashion

Kathryn Harrison, Spring Fashion, 7 August 2020
Bendigo has produced the most beautiful spring this year and most of the Bendigo population has been out among it finding inspiration.


Julie Kala, Bendigo Pall Mall

Julie Kala, Bendigo Pall Mall, 8 September 2020
Waiting at the lights one rainy day, I watched the people scurry across the intersection and thought it would make a nice sketch or painting so quickly took my phone out to take a ref photo.


Glenda Anstey-Sprigg, Hidden Wishes

Glenda Anstey-Sprigg, Hidden Wishes, 8 September 2020
Glazing ceramic work with no kiln access at the moment presents an interesting challenge. Using only a humble bisque fired pinch pot that represents a stone, I have used crayons, alcohol inks and shoe polish to capture the colour and feel of agate.  Internally, initially hidden from view, are found objects representing wishes.


Sylvia Hewitt, Re-Leaf II

Sylvia Hewitt, Re-Leaf II (Artist Lino Print), 4 September 2020


Myra Casey, morning mandala

Myra Casey, morning mandala, 11 September 2020


Eric Kala, Another letter

Eric Kala, Another letter, 9 September 2020
Featuring another letter of the alphabet.


Jaida Tuohey, Sunset sky with a tree

Jaida Tuohey, Sunset sky with a tree, (Acrylic Paint), 7 September 2020


Kerry Punton, Kingower bush

Kerry Punton, Kingower bush (acrylic on canvas), 11 September 2020


Peter Fountain, a calm moment in a busy place

Peter Fountain, a calm moment in a busy place (Chalk markers and water based house paint), 12 September 2020
Still looking at landscapes- erosion gullies and rock formations.


Angela Morrissey, Captain America

Angela Morrissey, Captain America, 6 September 2020
At the moment the lunatics are running the asylum in the USA and they need all the heroes they can get! If only Captain would come to life and save the day. Instead total fruitcakes are running for president. As my mother used to say: 'Can a fool become king?'


Vanessa Campi, Funkytown

Vanessa Campi, Funkytown, 11 September 2020


Lauren Starr, Out of Time

Lauren Starr, Out of Time, 10 September 2020
Inspired by our current times (global warming, Covid) and walking the empty streets of Bendigo, I have imagined what our town might look like with no people.


Andre Sardone, Pod- another in the ongoing series of Pods.

Andre Sardone, Pod- another in the ongoing series of Pods., 13 September 2020
This piece was commissioned, with the client asking for more ‘space’ within the normally more filled structure.
And I feel this constraint enhanced the piece.


Jane Coburn, Untitled

Jane Coburn, Untitled, 13 September 2020
I'm happier with this gouache painting, than any of my previous attempts.
I like these 2 statements:
There's no such thing as talent, just practice!
And ... You can't get worse with practice!


Milton Long, Earrings

Milton Long, Earrings, 7 September 2020
These earrings are made up of sterling silver, fine silver and enamel. These two pairs are the same design but each utilises a different enamel. A third pair of enamels was discarded as the result was disappointing. One upside of the pandemic is the time and ability to experiment.


Heath Maher, JFK

Heath Maher, JFK, 30 August 2020
After watching President Kennedy on TV last week I wanted to draw a picture of him.


Duffy - Ha Ho Art, Covid Butterfly Kisses 2020

Duffy - Ha Ho Art, Covid Butterfly Kisses 2020, 13 September 2020
For my upcoming exhibition: It's hand painted with acrylic on board which I then cut out with a jigsaw so the size is variable but approximately 100cm High by about 1800cm wide. The covids are painted in what's claimed to be the world's pinkest pink pigment! I think that part needs a little refinement.


Jin Turpie, Mario

Jin Turpie, Mario, 11 September 2020


Kay Aitken, Christmas Hanger

Kay Aitken, Christmas Hanger (Machine applique), 9 September 2020
With the Covid19 lockdown lingering I decided to have a change of medium to fabric and machine applique.  Inspired by a magazine pattern I drew up the subject matter and made the hanger.  It was fun to rejuvenate skills from a long time ago and incorporate my drawing skills.


Jane Ineson, Life Drawing

Jane Ineson, Life Drawing (graphite), 12 September 2020


Barb Fordham, Spring in the Bush

Barb Fordham, Spring in the Bush, 14 September 2020
The Australian bush is a great place to explore. Using our genetics and the opportunity we are given we can venture forward with child-like curiosity, hope & confidence.


Sue Jeavons, Rusty Imprints

Sue Jeavons, Rusty Imprints, 13 September 2020
I dug up this old rusty metal when gardening & attempted to steam an imprint onto silk but thought the real thing  & shadow more interesting.


Florence and Lucy Hodson, Footpath Collage

Florence and Lucy Hodson, Footpath Collage, 8 September 2020
On our daily walk around the block we love to create call drawings in the footpath. This week we added flowers from our garden and foliage from the nature strip.


Eliza Ledwidge, Feeln Blue

Eliza Ledwidge Feeln Blue (Watercolour pencils), 13 September 2020