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What I did last week: Online Exhibition

For information and instructions on how to contribute, go to What I did last week: Online Exhibition which will also provide links to other weeks' galleries.


Week 2: 6 April, 2020

Andre Sardone, This series continues to evolve

Andre Sardone, This series continues to evolve, 5 April, 2020
Cut and shaped from mild steel plate. This week’s challenge is to decide how to ‘finish‘ them, as this raw steel does not last.

Lily Aylmer, Devil's Sunset

Lily Aylmer, Devil's Sunset, 1 April, 2020
Whilst being safe at home, it’s hard to have a positive outcome on this terrible virus. I think waking up in the morning with a colourful sunset can brighten your day, so I painted one.

Kathryn Harrison, Dickon: The Secret Garden

Kathryn Harrison, Dickon: The Secret Garden, 27 March, 2020


Thea Lyons, Ink Study #4

Thea Lyons, Ink Study #4, 30 March, 2020
At home in isolation has made for exploration of mark making tools from the immediate surroundings. Bark from our beautiful gum trees and Japanese ink.

Peter Boyle, Steam Punk Blaster

Peter Boyle, Steam Punk Blaster, 30 March, 2020
I have an interest in sci-fi and fantasy and have collected all sorts of bits and pieces with the aim of creating this piece and several others in a similar vein.

Sue Holland, Roses for a friend

Sue Holland, Roses for a friend, 30 March, 2020
I am an amateur watercolour artist based in Bendigo. I like to continually challenge myself and will paint an image repeatedly until I am happy with it.  I have sold a number of works through art shows which helps buy more supplies! It's a great skill to have during this lock in.

Michael Watson, Isolation Self Portrait

Michael Watson, Isolation Self Portrait, 31 March, 2020
Amidst these dreary and uncertain times, I've decided to take a step back from colour and work tonally. Focusing on chiaroscuro and simplification, this is my latest oil painting. Back to the fundamentals!

Carol Woodhams, Flower study 4, a rose from my garden

Carol Woodhams, Flower study 4, a rose from my garden., 3 April, 2020
An enthusiastic hobby watercolourist.

Gail Casey, Studio corner

Gail Casey, Studio corner, 5 April, 2020
A happy distraction to paint this last week. Many of these objects have been painted numerous times before but now appearing in a new setting. I love the online gallery — very interesting and motivating.

Kay Aitken, Worn Out

Kay Aitken, Worn Out, 1 April, 2020
I began drawing through a friend and loved it. This drawing was inspired by a hat I saw whilst visiting the Australian War Memorial in Canberra in 2019.

Angela Morrissey, Mary Magdalene

Angela Morrissey, Mary Magdalene, 5 April, 2020
Since Easter is coming up I thought I’d do a drawing of Mary Magdalene, Greek Orthodox style with a twist – using bright, unrealistic colours. I studied Classical Greek language and Classical Greek art at university. I want to take the idea of the icon and turn it on its head.

Mum and two kids, Exquisite corpse

Mum and two kids, Exquisite corpse, 30 March, 2020
These are some of the results of playing ‘Exquisite corpse’ game with my two kids.  Here is an explanation of the ‘Exquisite corpse’ term...A game in which each participant takes turns writing or drawing on a sheet of paper, folding it to conceal his or her contribution, and then passing it to the next player for a further contribution (description source

Jin Turpie, Clash Royale King

Jin Turpie, Clash Royale King, 1 April, 2020


John Willis, Staying Home

John Willis, Staying Home, 5 April, 2020


Ha Ho Art, Covid 19 Street Art

Ha Ho Art, Covid 19 Street Art, 6 April, 2020
Paste Up in Chancery Lane.