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What I did last week: Online Exhibition

For information and instructions on how to contribute, go to What I did last week: Online Exhibition which will also provide links to other weeks' galleries.

Week 14: 29 June 2020

Duffy - Ha Ho Art, Underpainting - Work In Progres

Duffy - Ha Ho Art, Underpainting - Work In Progress (Acrylic on canvas), 
I decided that the time was right to start this painting as a celebration of the easing of lockdown on Sunday & a return to some kind of normal, only to watch our Premiere Dan Andrews ban 'kissing & cuddling...' for at least another three weeks!
Oh well, it was a nice dream & I am still loving the idea... Also, loving the Sound Of Music/Wuthering Heights/Mills & Boon... vibe of this particular painting!
But, it will change that's for sure.


Paul Harrington, Jimmy

Paul Harrington, Jimmy, 26 June 2020

Claire Clarke, Vase

Claire Clarke, Vase, 26 June 2020

Brad Barnes, The Joker

Brad Barnes, The Joker, 26 June 2020

Kerry Punton, Sheep

Kerry Punton, Sheep (Cobalt oxide on White glaze), 26 June 2020

Olivia Ciancio, Washing Away

Olivia Ciancio, Washing Away, 29 May 2020

Angela Morrissey, Bathsheba Bathing

Angela Morrissey, Bathsheba Bathing, 25 June 2020
I created a linocut print of Bathsheba bathing inspired by an image I saw on the Internet. The Old Testament's, Second Book of Samuel, tells of how King David saw this beautiful woman bathing.  This scene also inspired Leonard Cohen in his song Halleluhah: 'You saw her bathing on the roof/Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya.'


Pamela Vine, Meeting of the dragons

Pamela Vine, Meeting of the dragons, 1 April 2020

Julie Kala, Kerry's mum

Julie Kala, Kerry's mum, 26 June 2020
A work colleague wanted a painting of her mum on her honeymoon from 1952 coloured and enlarged. I had incorporated the black and white photo into another art piece so she was keen to have another bigger version to keep.


Jane Ineson, Life Drawing

Jane Ineson, Life Drawing, detail (graphite), 28 June 2020
Today I met with artists for our first life drawing session in months, such a relief to once again engage in this noble and rewarding activity! On arriving home, I usually have at least 10 drawings to review, this time 16, and it always feels like unpacking treasure!


Kathryn Stretch, Steven’s LJ

Kathryn Stretch, Steven’s LJ (acrylic on canvas), 28 June 2020

Jin Turpie, Link from The Legend of Zelda

Jin Turpie, Link from The Legend of Zelda, 28 June 2020

Carol Woodhams, Don't Eat These!

Carol Woodhams, Don't Eat These!, 28 June 2020
Watercolour inspired by a photo by Elizabeth Maguire Photography.


Gail Casey, Detail of painting for H

Gail Casey, Detail of painting for H (acrylic on canvas), 28 June 2020
Large studio interior painted for a friend.


Paul Casey, Waiting, again

Paul Casey, Waiting, again (Pen and ink and gouache.), 28 June 2020

Judith Jacobs, Gone to see a man about a dog

Judith Jacobs, Gone to see a man about a dog, 28 June 2020
Wire sculpture using one single strand of gardening wire, found objects base .. air vent, marble trophy base, organic waste bag.


Andre Sardone, Structure

Andre Sardone, Structure, 24 June 2020
Made from redundant steel balls from a rock mill and recycled steel rod. I went into the studio on Wednesday with many different ideas and this is the result. It is very different to what I expected to create that day.


Ed Phillips, Deadpool

Ed Phillips, Deadpool, 27 June 2020