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What I did last week: Online Exhibition

For information and instructions on how to contribute, go to What I did last week: Online Exhibition which will also provide links to other weeks' galleries.

Week 1: 6 April, 2020

Paul Harrington, The Busy Bees

Paul Harrington, The Busy Bees, 20 March, 2020
Paul found inspiration for this artwork after admiring the busy worker bees that entered and exited the beehive near his art studio at Peppergreen Farm.  This was the last artwork he created within his art program before it got paused due to the COVID-19 virus.

Jane Coburn, In the spotlight

Jane Coburn, In the spotlight, 20 March, 2020
Studied Art to Yr 12. Gave it up to pursue nursing career and marriage. Resumed  2011, learning most of what I know from reading and YouTube. Have had success in shows. Attended 2 social art groups each week until COVID-19. Now have more time to work at home!

Des Lowry, Chinese New Year Food Festival

Des Lowry, Chinese New Year Food Festival, Southbank, 20 March, 2020
Started to take watercolour painting seriously in 2011. Have participated in workshops by Ross Paterson (several), David Taylor, Greg Allen, Amanda Hyatt, and Hermann Pekel, among others. Had lessons with Nick Truscott, locally. Have always loved the transparency of watercolour since admiring and buying two paintings in 1970.

Leah Macdonald, Still life with blue vases

Leah Macdonald, Still life with blue vases, 14 March, 2020
Acrylic and pen on canvas. Work originally intended for display at Bendigo Rotary Easter Art Show so it's great to have an alternative online display opportunity — a welcome initiative from the Creative Communities team.

Helen Lunt, Le Pont du Gard (watercolour)

Helen Lunt, Le Pont du Gard , 19 March, 2020
Watercolour. Pont du Gard – bridge across the River Gardon (France), of the Roman aqueduct, built in about 50AD to supply water from Uzès to Nîmes. Visited in October 2019.

Abby Rose, Rebecca

Abby Rose, Rebecca, 14 March, 2020
Small town country artist from rural Victoria to Bendigo. Seeking to capture the beauty in simple black and white sketching.

Angela Morrissey, Victorian Lady

Angela Morrissey, Victorian Lady, 26 March, 2020
This is a drawing I did of Lady Margareth Ankor, a much respected aristocrat held in high esteem by the Queen of Needles. She is a great example of Steampunk Manga, which is very popular in Japan. Manga women are pure fantasy of Japanese men. I love Manga and Anime!

Carol Woodhams, Flower Study 3

Carol Woodhams, Flower Study 3, (from photo by Elizabeth Maguire Photography), 25 March, 2020
An enthusiastic hobby watercolourist, inspired by the complexity of the medium and the challenges that it brings.

Gail Casey, Studio still life in situ

Gail Casey, Studio still life in situ., 26 March, 2020
First of a series of studio still lifes completed over the last 6 weeks. Seizing the day(s) to re-establish my arts practice after an extended break. Also rediscovering oil painting after many years working in other mediums.

Sharon Greenaway, A Friends Inspiration

Sharon Greenaway, A Friends Inspiration, 27 March, 2020
My friend has a lovely contemporary fold over bag. It is something I have admired for some time but couldn’t justify buying... However my mind changed last week when we all went had into self isolation and I began to look for more things to do at home.

Dr Michael J Leach, WFH

Dr Michael J Leach, WFH, 28 March, 2020
Michael is a lecturer at the Monash University School of Rural Health, Bendigo and a published poet. His poems reside in such journals as Cordite Poetry Review and the Medical Journal of Australia. Michael’s health-themed poetry chapbook is forthcoming from Melbourne Poets Union. Last week, he started working from home.

Jane Ineson, Mother’s Comfort - Tania and Hudson

Jane Ineson, Mother’s Comfort - Tania and Hudson, 19 March, 2020
This sketch is for a series of portrait drawings. My aim is to reflect community unity of spirit through portraits of loved ones, especially the vulnerable.  I invite people to volunteer as subjects in my project with a brief outdoor photo shoot to be part of an ongoing online exhibition. To take part please visit me on Facebook.

Josephine Walsh, Upright Citizens

Josephine Walsh, Upright Citizens, Harcourt, 
Isolation painting.

Andre Sardone, small pieces I made last week

Andre Sardone, small pieces I made last week
With all my upcoming exhibitions cancelled I have been making the most of this unexpected surplus of time to experiment with some new ideas.  I have been carving these little guys out of steel plate using grinders and no welding.

Katya Dorer, Dew Drop Girl

Katya Dorer, Dew Drop Girl, 28 March, 2020