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What I did last week: Online Exhibition

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9 June 2021


Lorraine Brigdale - photograph of black pigment in a pestle and paint being poured

Lorraine Brigdale, Dhalanan, 7 June 2021

I make watercolour paint to the age old European recipe watercolour tradition. I’m Indigenous and love that I can combine my knowledge from my ancestors together with my fine art knowledge from my lifetime of being an artist.  This paint is being made from a new pigment that I’ve developed by charring spent Protea flower heads. The pigment powder gives a smooth, luscious, creamy, densely coloured paint. 
I’ve named  the pigment "Dhalanan", YortaYorta language for black. 🖤


Lynda Williams - Close up photograph of cow

Lynda Williams, The delightful Daisey, 2 June 2021

...dribbling with excitement of covid restrictions easing.


Mari B-Li Donni, photograph of decorated hair brush with shells, rocks and feather and photograph of an old woman

Mari B-Li Donni, In Memory of (an art therapy piece), 3 June 2021

This artwork has a two part meaning. Firstly to amend a broken mirror to ward of any superstition and from there on creating an artwork that has memorial significance. I held this Art therapy session to a participant in view of creating a commemorative piece for his mother. We discussed what was meaningful and symbolic and then collaged the photo and found objects to create the finished artwork. To the participant it is a therapeutic keepsake achieved.


Michael Leach - poem

Michael J. Leach, At ease (for now), 3 June 2021

I wrote this senryu upon hearing confirmation that restrictions will ease in regional Victoria at 11:59 PM on 3 June 2021.


Melanie Thoren - photograph of hand holding a polaroid photograph of a face

Melanie Thoren, Two faced (polaroid photography), 7 June 2021

Here I was creating experimental images with double exposure to use as the basis for some paintings, exploring identity and how the female form is shown in Surrealism.


Meg Doller, line drawing of flowers in a bottle

Meg Doller, Blind contour drawing of flowers in a bottle, 1 June 2021

These flowers were sourced from that space that is no-(hu)man's land - roots in the yard of a vacant house but stems, leaves and flowers bursting out over the fence line to be snapped off with nervous energy, side glances and a hasty disappearance.


Jane Ineson - colour drawing of a face

Jane Ineson, Life drawing of Julianne (colour pencil) June 2021

A month or so ago, how grateful I was to attend music gigs and life drawing sessions in person again.


Jin turpie - colourful drawing of a boy's face

Jin Turpie, Chillin' in Lockdown, 8 June 2021


Helen Van De Nadort - carved emu egg with image of cartoon mouse

Helen VanDeNadort, Carved  Emu egg featuring Mickey Mouse, 6 June 2021


Chris Duffy - colourful pop art painting featuring space man

Duffy - Ha Ho Art, Iso_Graff Lockdown 4.0 Mural - Beam Me Up Scotty! (Acrylic on MDF Board 2021), 9 June 2021

Panel 1 of a mural that I started during this current lockdown in Victoria It is for two of the windows in my studio that I don't need or use. The second panel on the right is in progress.

Angela Morrissey - Drawing of Kashmir mother and daughter

Angela Morrissey, Kashmir Mother and Daughter, June 2021

I did a drawing of a Kashmir mother and daughter wearing beautiful necklaces and headdresses. The original photo that inspired the drawing has always captivated me and I have an interest in Kashmir culture and music.

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