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What I did last week: Online Exhibition

For the What I did last week 2020 archive, and e-books go to What I did last week: Archive.

2 June 2021

Kay Aitken - colour drawing of roses

Kay Aitken, Work in progress (Pencil), 1 June 2021

These roses are not quite finished but Lockdown is helping to get them closer to completion.


Angela Morrissey - Mother and Child painting

Angela Morrissey, Madonna and Child (After Psaroudis), 27 May 2021

This is a drawing I did of the Madonna and Child inspired by Voula Psaroudis' Mother and Child, Tender Heart. I love Greek Orthodox icons and love drawing and painting religious figures in that style of art with a modern twist.


Lynda Williams - Anxious chooks painting

Lynda Williams, Anxious chooks, 28 May 2021

Anxious chooks about new Covid lockdown.


Ainsley McPherson - Tess, drawing of dog

Ainsley McPherson, Tess (Pan Pastel and Pastel pencil), 28 May 2021


Lilly Skipper - abstract geometric artwork

Lilly Skipper, an exaggeration beyond margins, 30 May 2021

"A lost symbolism begins to collect dreams again". (Gaston Bachelard)


Michael Leach - poem

Michael J. Leach, Healthy Discussions, 30 May 2021

This poem reflects on the importance of discussions around science, ethics, politics, and logistics during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Jane Coburn - painting of two horses in a race

Jane Coburn, My Money's on the Grey (Gouache & Posca Pens), 30 May 2021


Linda Brookes - painting of a bee and a sunflower

Linda Brookes, beeing happy, 2021

Business as usual in our crazy, crazy world.


Frances Forge - painting of an echidna

Frances Forge, Echidna, 31 May 2021

Lockdown Déjà Vu...and an opportunity to further develop watercolour painting techniques.


Merlyn Quaife - painting of a night scene

Merlyn Quaife AM, Nightscape, 31 May 2021

I've been doing watercolour lessons and tried my hand at using black paper.


Bethany Mansfield - painting of nude woman

Bethany Mansfield, Jane (oil paint on canvas), 2021


Melanie Thoren - painting of red pomegranate

Melanie Thoren, Pomegranate (acrylic on canvas), May 2021


Jin turpie - colourful drawing of person playing guitar

Jin Turpie, The Colour of Music, 1 June 2021


Niki Moko - painting of colourful woman wearing leaves and petals

Niki Moko, Grevillia Spirit (Gouache on paper), 31 May 2021

This is a drawing I did during lock down this last week.
Just wanted to participate in a lovely idea.


Kelly Robson - photo of drawing in progress on artists desk

Kelly Robson, Snakeskin Jacket, 2 June 2021

I used the quote from the film Wild at Heart as my friend Leonie kept saying it due to the fact one day she had a similar style coat on. I have used coloured pencils on black paper with some collage of magazine pieces. Nothing special but gave me inspiration to create some art.


Zoya Makarova - wire sculpture of a heart

Zoya Makarova, You are always in my heart, 2 June 2021

Work in progress for a bigger installation.  Made from copper wire and fabric.


George Phillips - photograph of a model aeroplane

George Phillips, Pig (F-111), 30 May 2021

I've been working on this for a while (it's still a work in progress) but on the weekend got stuck into the painting.