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RAW Arts Awards 2021

RAW Art Awards 2021 Presentation and Showcase

The 2021 RAW Arts Awards Presentation and Showcase returned to The Capital Theatre on Thursday 13 May.  The RAW Arts Exhibition was in Dudley House from 13 to 16 May.


Performing Arts Scholarship

Winner: Jade Cuskelly
Highly Commended: Tara Muscatello

Literature Award 

Winner: Jobe Thomson
Highly Commended: Uzzielle Santos

Digital Media Prize

Winner: Leroy Miller
Highly Commended: Maddie Kay

Visual Arts Award 

Winner: Lilly Skipper
Highly Commended: Cody Dewit-Hayes


Digital Media entries

Dooley Every, The Great Emu War
Maddie Kay, I'm in love with fictional characters
Leroy Miller, Holding on
Jin Turpie, Ocean adventure


Literature entries


Kayla Barnfield, The Pool
Kat Betts, Fishing line
Halle Blake-Burrows, The Shadow
Levity Camilleri, Polaroid Wall
Kalo Davis, Bella
Jasmine Douglass, Devland Mansion
Liam Duivenvoorden, Blooming Tides
Anna Dunnicliff-Wells, Some Unrelated Thoughts
Isaac Everett, Sonnet of Prospecting
Ella Filsell, What it's like to be female
Beth Fowler, The Hunt
Jo Grace, An ordinary day
Samantha Johnson, Another Shot
Talia Kellett,  ;  
Erin McClellan, The Boy
Alia Melgin-Hill, The River of Ardour
Teaghan Perryman, Hunger
Rosalind Porter, Depression
Maggie Alice Pratt-White, Flower Contemplation
Olivia Rogister, My thoughts
Uzzielle Santos, Freiheit
Madelyn Sturt, Wishing Well
Jobe Thomson, Come Spring
Chelsea Wood, One with the Maku gang

Performing Arts entries

Jade Cuskelly, Music and Drama
Ryan McPartlane, Music
Skye McPartlane, Music
Tara Muscatello, Music
Rosalind Porter, Drama
Maggie Alice Pratt-White, Dance

Visual Arts entries

Ebony Adams, Magical faraway tree, posca pen (acrylic) on canvas
Egg Barlow, Faerie ring, posca pen (acrylic) on canvas
Kayla Barnfield, Werecat, 
Emilia Belleggia, The tapper, Acrylic on board
Amber Betts, Laughing Kookaburra, Ballpoint pen
Kat Betts, falling up // climbing down, Oil on canvas
Rebekah Betts, Losing yourself and how to find it, Photography
Matthew Boromeo, Kakashi sketch, 
Abbey Buhagiar, Frida, Sculpture
Levity Camilleri, Heads On Pikes, Grey lead pencil
Vanessa Campi, Dreamscape, Acrylic
Dylan Cotterill, Garou, Pencil on paper
Caidence Cousins, Universal Thought, 
Aya Cusick, A Piece Of Everybody, sharpie, watercolour on canvas
Natalie Davies Noulton, Untitled, 
Cody Dewit-Hayes, Breach Loaded Acid Trip, Acrylic & Water-Based Paint
Gemma Dineen, They/Them, 
Katya Dorer, Mushrooms, Watercolour on wood
Liam Duivenvoorden, The Edge of Evening, Acrylic Paint, Sculpture
Noah Dunstone, Oswald Altamont and his very own Pet Radio, Digital painting
Kade Ellioy, Untitled, Digitally edited photography
Sophie Fisher, How to be F.I.T. - By Society, Digital photography
Tayla Flett, Ruined Summer, Digital art - Photoshop
Siena Floreani, Dancing with your ghost, Acrylic
Jo Gleeson, Haunted road, Acrylic on canvas
Ivy Grist, Leading In The Sunset, Acrylic
Gabe Holmes, Entropy, Acrylic
Megan Hooley, Watch Your Words, Charcoal
Jemima Hope, They're watching you, Acrylic on canvas
Haylee Jack, The Tribute, Photography
Mea Jennings, Be casual, Photography
Maddie Kay, Speckle, Digital drawing
Talia Kellett, The Saviour, Digital Image
Bethany Mansfield, Jawn, Oil paint
Darien McDowell, Dern, Photography
Bee McEvoy, The Poet’s Downfall, Mixed Media
Lucy Palmer, Sapphire Squawker, Acrylic
Teaghan Perryman, Self portrait (archetype), Digital, Photoshop
Daisy Pratt-White, Slumberland, Polymer clay and mixed media
Hayley Robinson, I am a Believer, Digital photography
Olivia Rogister, The beauty that can be if we care for nature, 
Yasmin Russell, Amaranthine, Acrylic
Tess Sillery, Dragon, Digital drawing
Lilly Skipper, Things, therefore I am, image transfer
Sasha Stuchbree, Evening Glow, Photography
Maddy Talbot, Forest, Acrylic on canvas
Melanie Thoren, Gibson Girl, Acrylic on canvas
Chelsea Tobin, Finding my happy place, Painting
Jin Turpie, Tank of Terror, Pencil on paper
Michael Watson, Chiaroscuro self-portrait from life, Oil on belgian linen
Shay Wignall, Shadows, Photography
Tyler Wilkie, Mind Over Body, Drawing Ink, Acrylic Paints, Markers, Paint Pens
Abby Williamson, Hope

Click on the images below to browse the gallery of visual arts entries.