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RAW Arts 2020: Winners Announced

Digital Media Award

Highly Commended: Eric Lovett for “Youth” 

Winner:  Mitchell Cook for “Bitconned” 

The Judge said of Bitconned: “It is a is a fascinating story of a deluded bitcoin entrepreneur.  I found this film hilarious and the main character absolutely fascinating.” 

Literary Award

Highly Commended: Teaghan Perryman for her poem “Not your cinder” 

Winner: Alia Melgin-Hill for her short story “Water” 

The Judges said: "'Water' shows good control of style, creating and maintaining its mood, especially tension. It succeeds in conveying emotional impressions without relying too much on direct action.” 

Performing Arts Scholarship 

Highly Commended: Jade Cuskelly, Vocal/Drama 

Winner: Charlie Davis-Tope, singer/songwriter and pianist 

The Judges said: “Charlie displays a kind of raw talent that is clearly driven by a love of music. He has shown to be versatile, resourceful, and his music, regardless of his many styles, feels authentic.” 

Visual Arts Award

Highly Commended: Charlie Clark for “Senses” 

Winner: Tahlia McCuskey “Face to face”  

The Judge said of Tahlia’s piece: “This is an intriguing painting that suggests a play on time.  The work is well painted, demonstrating aptitude with a difficult media. Simply beautiful.”